Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule

Here is an example of a specific Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule, with times and activities included. If you are looking for ideas for a general schedule you may be interested in reading this article, Stay At Home Mom Schedule – Ideas You Need

A Stay At Home Mom daily schedule for two toddlers:

7.30am – 8.15am Open up the blinds/curtains to let the daylight in.Get children up. Change nappies. Change clothes if wet.Children start playing with toys.I collect up all the bottles from overnight, rinse and place them in the kitchen sink with water ready to wash throughout the day, as needed.Get ingredients out for baking (see below).
8.15am – 9.15am Prepare breakfast. Feed myself and the children breakfast in front of a DVD to make the job faster!I try to bake a healthy cake (like apple cake or Honey Date Nut Bread without the nuts for the children) or freezer cookiesduring breakfast (while coming and going to the children to feed them). I do this to use the oven while the children are still sitting down and away from the kitchen.Clear away breakfast dishes before the youngest gets out of his high-chair.(Note: We have an open-plan house so I can see the children from the kitchen and I’m still close enough to rush to them in a few steps while they are eating in front of the TV. Obviously don’t leave your little ones while they are eating in case they choke).
9.15am – 11.00am Open the back doors up for the children to run around on the deck.Help the children remove the possum cover and water the herbs growing on the deck.Wipe over the outside table (the neighbor’s cat gets on there at night), put out the “Roads” activity mat table cloth, add some small cars and trains to the table.Bring out the ride-on cars and trains as well as other toys to play with (if it is summer we take out the water table for play).
11.00am – 11.15am Make morning tea and take it outside for the children.
11.15am – 11.45am The younger one lies down with a bottle and has a rest (but doesn’t have a sleep). The 2 year old will usually also drink a bottle of milk but only rests for about 5 minutes!
11.45am – 12.30pm The children play with the Thomas the Tank Engine train set or build towers with Leggo or blocks. I prepare lunch. The 2 y.o. helps Mom by taking sippy cups and spoons to the table.
12.30pm – 1.30pm Lunch for all of us, either at the outside table or inside watching a DVD (to speed up the feeding process, distraction is wonderful!)
1.30pm – 3.30pm Youngest one has a sleep in the cot. 2 y.o. has “quiet time”, for example, drawing, putting stickers in his scrapbook, pasting cut outs from old catalogues, looking at books, playing trains quietly in a separate room or if he really won’t stay quiet and he’s waking up his brother then he watches a DVD with a bottle of milk to keep him quiet!
3.30pm – 5.30pm Afternoon tea. Playing with playdough, painting, pasting, playing hide-and-go-seek, playing animal safari (or dinosaur safari), playing the pick-it-up game, or other craft activities. Alternatively, outside on the swings or go to the park.
5.30pm – 6.30pm Dinner and dessert.
6.30pm – 7.30pm Bath time, dressed for bed, bedtime stories.
7.30pm Bedtime.


This is a specific Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule but it can be varied as needed. Obviously the activities vary each day. We change the craft activities and the games.

At least twice a week our Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule includes a morning at playgroup for children and their mothers. We belong to three playgroups (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) but on average we get to two of them each week. They are each held from 9.30am – 11.30am and include morning tea provided by the mothers.

Playgroups or mothers’ groups are a great activity to include in your Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule because they give your children social interaction with the security of Mom being close by. This builds your child’s confidence and experience. If you can’t find a local playgroup in your area, consider starting an informal one where you get together with three or four friends and their children, once a week, and take turns hosting it at each other’s home. Kids get to play and moms get to chat – find out what other moms are putting on their Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule!

The advantage of a Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule is that it gives you a framework to organise your daily activities with the children. Certain periods during the day are more flexible than others.  For example, if I need to do supermarket shopping I will take the children straight after lunch when my youngest is wanting to sleep. Therefore he gets to sleep in the double stroller (and even my 2 y.o. who doesn’t have a daytime sleep will often have a sleep in the stroller while being wheeled around at the shops) and I get to buy the groceries we need. This fits in perfectly with my Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule.

If you already have an activity schedule it is worth going the next step and developing a Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule to simplify your day. Once you do it you’ll appreciate how much clearer things are in your mind. A Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule helps you get organized and saves you from stress mid-afternoon when you realize the children haven’t had lunch, the baby hasn’t had a sleep and your toddler is climbing the walls with boredom. Developing your own Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule helps you stay sane!