Are Toddlers and Dogs Compatible?

Are you considering getting a dog for you toddler? Is your toddler saying “I want doggy” every time you go near a park and see a family taking their pet dog for a walk?

Getting a puppy for your toddler is a great idea. It will give them exercise, keep them entertained, provide companionship and help them to learn responsibility.

The real question is not whether your toddler is ready, but rather, are you ready for a pet dog? Continue reading

Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule

Here is an example of a specific Stay At Home Mom Daily Schedule, with times and activities included. If you are looking for ideas for a general schedule you may be interested in reading this article, Stay At Home Mom Schedule – Ideas You Need

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Baby And Toddler Safety

As a Stay At Home Mom it is essential that you read this article about the danger of button batteries and how to avoid the risk to your child’s life. If you want to find out about hidden toxins in your baby nursery please click this link. If you are concerned about what your toddler is eating try reading: Healthy Food for Kids.

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After Pregnancy Diet – Low GI Diet

This article is about starting a low GI diet after pregnancy. If you are looking for low GI recipes please click this link.

Trying to lose weight as a Stay At Home Mom is hard. You are surrounded by children all day and you never get time to focus on your own well-being. If you have a young baby you are so focussed on your newborn it is a challenge to do anything good for yourself. You need a simple, straight-forward, After Pregnancy Diet that is easy to follow. Continue reading

Honey Date Nut Bread

This is a very easy recipe to make Honey Date Nut Bread. You don’t even need a mixer. You simply put four ingredients in a bowl and soak overnight in the refrigerator. Then, next morning you stir through two more ingredients, place the mixture in a loaf pan and bake for 45 minutes. Nothing could be simpler. (Even my brother made this recipe perfectly – and he’s never baked anything before in his life!) Continue reading

Playdough Recipe

This is a playdough recipe for toddlers, if you are looking for food recipes please click the link.

Here is a really easy, no cook, edible, playdough recipe for toddlers. These quantities are ideal if you are making it for your local playgroup or for a few children. If you are only making it for one toddler I would suggest making half the quantity. Continue reading