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Here are all the best secrets to be a successful Stay At Home Mom.

If you are already a Stay At Home Mom or you are thinking about becoming a Stay At Home Mom then this is the place to be. At StayAtHomeMomSecrets.com we provide practical information to help you raise your children, helpful advice about finding work from home, free recipes, honest reviews and lots of interesting tips and tricks.

When you have one or more young children at home with you every day it can be both challenging and exciting. At StayAtHomeMomSecrets.com we help you to keep the days full of laughter, wonder, amusement and delight.

The secret to being a successful Stay At Home Mom is about making daily tasks easy. Even though we address the best ways of getting chores done faster, I’m really referring to the ability to make daily interaction with your children and their needs easier. If you can get your children to do things without tantrums or tears it allows you to achieve more in the day.

If you achieve more of the things you want to do each day, this makes you a happier person. But more important than this is the cycle of trust between you and your children. The more fun time you spend with your children, the better they respond to you, hence the faster you get things done and then there’s even more time free to have fun again with them. It’s a productive cycle.

The problems occur when you get stuck in a loop of tantrums and “I won’t cooperate” behavior. It makes you angry, your children don’t like you raising your voice (or worse!), your stress levels rise, their stress levels rise and you are facing a battle every time you need to change a diaper, get them to sit in their chair to eat or try to take something dangerous out of their mouth. The secret to being a successful Stay At Home Mom is creating an environment of trust and closeness between you and your children.

Here is an example. My toddler was being difficult all morning and I was trying to get everyone fed and changed to get to a medical appointment on time as well as tidy the house for visitors coming over later that day. My stress levels were rising and everything my toddler did was creating more work for me when I was running out of time. His bad behavior was escalating at an inverse rate to my patience. Suddenly I see my toddler jump up and land on his baby brother. I gave an involuntary shriek as I rushed towards them, slapped my toddler’s leg and shouted at him to get him off the baby. I was so angry. The baby was crying, my toddler was now screaming because of the smack and everyone was upset. After we all calmed down my toddler continued to have a tantrum. I kissed the smacked leg better and he stopped crying long enough to think about the injustice of the situation and then started throwing another tantrum. I say “injustice” because as it turned out he had seen some characters on television playing leap-frog and obviously his actions were not malicious towards his baby brother (I only realized this later). There was nothing I could do to get him to cooperate for the rest of the day. He was sullen and unresponsive towards me. We had lost our Mommy and Son connection. The entire culmination of events was all too much for him to bear.

As a Stay At Home Mom here is what I did to avoid the situation happening again. The next time I realised we were going to have a particularly stressful morning I put in extra one-on-one time with my toddler the evening before and in the morning. I read him extra stories, I played trains on the train-set, I helped him build a cubby house with a blanket over the clothes drying stands. I showed genuine interested in what he wanted to play and he responded with trust and closeness towards me. When I needed to start flying around the house at top speed getting everything and everyone ready, my toddler was interested in what I was doing and responsive when I asked him to stay away from his brother so I could get things done. Everything I did was of interest to him and he responded to my requests instead of ignoring me and acting out of control.

It is just basic psychology, if you can build a stronger relationship with your child (of any age), you get a better response from him or her. If you push the limits of neglect (I use this word loosely) you will find your child instinctively moving further and further away from you.

To be a successful Stay At Home Mom the secrets are all here. They are practical and they work.